You can have a great workout without the equipment also. There are many exercises you can do without the use of any gym apparatus. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar suggests some exercises to do the workout without any equipment.

You don’t have to go to the gym every time to work out. If your gym is closed or you want a break from the gym, there are exercises for you to do at home without using any gym equipment.

Skipping with the help of a rope is a great idea to boost your endurance. Squats and lunges are exercises for your legs to do at home. Running at small distances within the house or taking a walk or a jog before the workout is a great warm-up idea.

Step-up, Step-down, bench jumps, and kicking are some great exercises to increase your endurance. Moving to the exercises that will increase your strength are push-ups, mountain climbing, planks, and dips. Exercises like crunches, side crunches, bicycling, squats, and many more are suitable for losing belly fat.

If you are looking for exercises to boost your stamina at home without any equipment Burpee is a great kind of exercise. Burpee involves making the push-up position, standing, jumping with hands raised, and repeating the same sequence a number of times.

Stretching is another kind of exercise that you do for your abs and sides. It will increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles as well.

While doing squats and lunges your technique needs to be accurate. Once you are habitual of it, you can mix them up with other exercises. Some of them are walking lunges and jumping squats while holding some weight.

Buying some dumbbells for your house workout would be a great idea. Various exercises you can do using dumbbells are chest press, overhead press, deadlifts, bench press, lying fly, biceps curl, and many more.

Rubina Ratnakar advises you to lift weight according to your own weight, capacity, and intensity of the workout your body needs to do. Do not overdo any strenuous or endurance exercise.

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