In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar brings great exercises for your kids to keep them active and playful.

Being physically active and cheerful all the time is what we want for us and our kids too. Kids are more interested in having fun and playing around. So the exercises you choose for them should be fun too. Most kids are doing a lot of physical activity while playing. The exercises we suggest in this blog are greatly beneficial for kids and fun too.

When you talk of exercise for inducing fitness in your kids you look for three types: strengthening exercises, endurance exercises, and exercise to increase their flexibility.

Starting with your exercises to increase your kid’s strength, we suggest you teach them push-ups and pull-ups. Do not make your kids lift weight at all. Their bones and muscles both are fragile and can be damaged by lifting weight. Push-ups and pull-ups are great ideas as they are training with their own weight and it is completely safe. Doing a handstand and cartwheel are favorite of the kids. Kids love to do it and you should encourage them in doing these activities.

Strengthening exercises will develop your child’s body muscles well and keep him active too

 In the next type of exercise, you would want to follow endurance exercises. Endurance means how much time your kid can stay active and filled with energy. These are activities to improve the breathing and oxygen intake of the body. To keep your kid recharged for a long time, you should opt for activities like walking, running, cycling, playing football, skating, jumping, and many more.

Increasing their flexibility will ultimately make them more fit and active. Stretching is the best technique to increase flexibility. Binding themselves and raising themselves in a certain posture is what comes under stretching. Explore great stretching exercises for your kids.

Everybody wants their kids to be happy, healthy, and active. Do not stress much for them as kids love to play and they are doing their part towards fitness there.

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