Hormones play a vital role in regulating the metabolism and other activities in our body. Rubina Ratnakar helps you in understanding the effect of hormones on our health better.

Hormones are chemicals released by the endocrine glands in our body to regulate or boost a specific process of the body. Hormones can influence your mental as well as physical health. There are different hormones present in our body to perform different functions. We list some endocrine glands and the hormones produced by them.

Known as the master gland, the pituitary gland is the gland that can control all the other glands. It produced a number of hormones that regulate growth, and control the secretion of other glands as well.

The thyroid gland releases hormones that will help in regulating the metabolism of the body. The main hormone released by the gland is thyroxin. Hair loss, skin problems, fluctuating energy levels, etc. are the problems we may face if the hormone is not released in proper amounts. More severe problems can be goiter.

Another very important hormone responsible for the regulation of blood sugar levels is insulin. Insulin is secreted and produced by our pancreas. Less secretion of the hormone leads to diabetes.

Adrenaline is known as the emergency hormone is released by the adrenal gland. As the name suggests, this hormone prepares our body for emergency situations. It increases blood flow, heart rate, breathing, oxygen intake, etc. When our body is under stress this hormone is released. The growth hormone is a hormone responsible for growth, boosting metabolism, and cell reproduction.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone responsible for reproduction and menstruation. The hormone should be present in a moderate amount. Excess secretion can lead to cancer whereas less secretion can lead to hair loss and many skin problems like acne.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that affects the growth of the male body. Less secretion of the hormone can lead to osteoporosis and fat tissues. Check out the functions of all other hormones present in our body. Hormones can adversely affect our mental as well as physical health. So take proper diet and exercise well.

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