Women always think that getting in shape after pregnancy is almost an impossible thing to do. This blog by Rubina Ratnakar is especially for those women who want to get back in their pre-pregnancy clothes.

After the delivery, mothers spend most of their time taking care of the child, feeding, cleaning them, and many more motherhood tasks. They are more tired and dizzy all the time. Some of them whereas look forward to getting back to their previous shape. So mothers can exercise after the delivery according to their delivery type. If your delivery was not a complicated one and pain doesn’t persist, you can start working out after 6-7 weeks.

Avoid heavy workouts for a certain time period. You should consider walking and lightweight training. Another very important thing to care about is that your body has undergone a huge change recently. It doesn’t matter how well you were able to do the exercises before pregnancy. Due to the changes in your body, you will have to consider every exercise and your capacity to do those things. After some time you can increase your cardio workout. You can do some basic crunches and lunges as well. Do not go too hard on yourself; do as much as your body can easily do. Sleeping well is another way that will help you get back in shape. Stay relaxed and do not rush things as your body is repairing itself.

You can also try activities like Yoga, Running, Swimming and many more activities. Aerobic exercises are best suitable for women who have recently given birth.

You are aware of the fact that your body is going to undergo some changes and is going to lose its shape as well. You also know that you will want to get back to your normal shape as soon as possible after the delivery.  So, take care of yourself during the 9 months of pregnancy too. Take care of the food you eat and the amount of physical activity you do at that time.

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