Supplements are taken by almost everyone to complete their diet. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar talks about various Pros and Cons of supplements.

Supplements are generally consumed to provide additional nutrients to the body other than the ones we are getting from our diet. We should consume supplements only after prescribed by the doctor. Starting with the advantages of supplements, they have a basic benefit of completing your nutrition and eliminate the discrepancies in your diet. Try to get all the nutrients from the food as much as possible.

Always take supplements in the right amount. Overdosage will lead to causing problems in your body.

Some nutrients are not sufficiently available in our diet and need to be taken separately. When your body is recovering from a disease, you may need multivitamins in order to stabilize and bring the growth back to the normal level. They can even help you in combating the diseases since your body is weakened due to the diseases, suitable supplements may help your body to fight the diseases. Despite the advantages, supplements have many disadvantages too.

Consuming supplements will boost your growth for a certain time period and will stop your body from manufacturing its own nutrients. So do not make your body habitual of getting ready-to-use nutrients. There are many diseases you may catch if you overdose yourself with nutrients.

Most of us take supplements to boost our workout and increase our muscles. Taking such supplements will give a lot of energy to you and you will feel great while working out. On the other hand, taking them regularly will cause a lot of problems also. Some of these problems are dehydration, high blood pressure (hypertension), different annoying sensations in the body, and addiction to the supplement to meet the energy and nutrients requirements by the body. Dietary supplements for making our muscles will make artificial muscles that won’t persist for a long time. So, try to avoid supplements and take all the nutrients required by the body in the diet or naturally.

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