Fitness trackers to keep a count while running, walking, or doing exercise is the new trend. Rubina Ratnakar brings you a list of really efficient and the best fitness trackers in this blog.

A fitness tracker will help you in counting your calories burnt and the amount of physical activity you do. Fitness tracking apps and bands, both are trending among all the fitness freaks. With a fitness tracker, you can keep a track of the number of steps, amount of physical activity, your heart rate, and you can even keep track of things like the amount of sleep, calorie-intake, water-intake, etc. in a fitness app. So, in this blog, we help you in choosing the best fitness tracker.

Fitbit Charge 3 is currently the best fitness tracker available and best in quality. You can look for the other products of Fitbit too. Fitbit Charge 3 has an amazing heart rate tracking feature, waterproof quality, accurate steps, and activity tracking, and comfortable wearability.

Next is the Garmin Vuroactive 3 Music Band available in the market.  Along with step count, heart rate monitoring, and other physical activity measurements, it is capable of playing around 500 songs. It is a great choice for people looking forward to a device for running.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor is the next contender in our best fitness trackers’ list. With long battery life and accurate measurement, it is waterproof and can be operated without any phone nearby.

Most of the people would have expected this in the starting but here it comes on number 4. Now we bring the Apple Watch Series 5 to you. Along with its excellent fitness tracking abilities, it is well known for its always-on-display feature. It has a moderate battery life and no other diversion from the other trackers. We would suggest Fitbit before Apple Watch as the latter is expensive and more of a smartwatch than a fitness tracker.

One distinction in this list is the Coros Safesound Helmet designed especially for people who want to tracker physical activities like bicycling. It is stylish, efficient, and tracks even small collisions. Other than these you can choose among the other variants of Fitbit and Garmin.

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