With growing age, the needs of our body change as well. Proper care needs to be taken of our health in order to lead a healthy life. The bodies of men and women are different. Both have slightly different needs. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some fitness tips for women in their 30s.

When you enter your 30s, your body starts changing. You will see that fat is getting easily accumulated in your body and you are not able to lose it or burn it as you were able to do before. Most women of this age are married and have kids, which makes them focus more on their responsibilities rather than their own health. After pregnancy, your body experiences some changes that cannot be reciprocated. With all this going on around you, you need to consider some ways of tackling these changes to lead a healthy life.

Since you are short on time, you should plan short-timed workouts that can easily fit into your hectic schedule. If possible, involve your family in doing some sort of physical activity so that you can do both the tasks at the same time.

A morning walk has so many benefits. Going out for a walk in the morning will save your body from falling prey to many diseases and obesity. You should make it a habit to go out for a walk at least in the morning.

Excess stress is a straight reason behind your sensitive health. If you don’t manage your stress in time, you will not be able to stay fit. Take care of your mental health and your physical health as well. A proper sleeping schedule is another determinant of your mental and physical health.

As you approach your 30s, you should get your tests done frequently. Get yourself screened for all the possible health issues and get frequent blood tests. Monitor your health to eliminate any health risks.

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