Teenage is a phase when every individual becomes more conscious about how he or she looks. A teenager tends to develop an interest in attaining the desired body shape and look attractive. Going to the gym is something that seems really cool to them and they want to build muscles and abs as they have seen in movies and magazines. But is it really good for them? Should teenagers indulge in weight training and lifting to attain such a body shape? In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar tries to the pros and cons behind gymming for teenagers and lists some tips for them to attain physical fitness.

In our opinion, going to the gym is something teenagers should avoid. During teenage, the body is going through many changes and basically, the growth of the individual is at its peak. If a teenager starts going to a gym and starts following the formal routine of a workout, he or she may hamper his or her growth. It is better to avoid doing any kind of weight lifting. Teenagers should let their bodies take a shape naturally.

We would say no to gyms and weights but teenagers should be physically active. It is great if they are involved in some kind of sport. This will tone their body overall. Doing some pushups in the morning would be sufficient for them taking in the perspective of weight training.

Walking and running are something that will benefit them and help them in their proper growth as well. Cycling, swimming, building a plank, and activities like hiking should be the ones that teenagers take interest in. There is no such thing as the perfect body. As long as the person is fit and fine to do the activities he has to do daily and away from the risk of becoming obese, he is doing fine.

A proper diet and a healthy lifestyle will benefit teenagers in maintaining a good body. Avoid any kind of supplements to achieve a mythological body shape.

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