Pets have become a common thing in all households these days. People love them just like their own children and do everything for them. Just like kids, we want to keep our pets healthy and active as well. We may invest in getting them trained by a certified trainer but your pet will be happier if he is doing all that with you. Even if not training, you should indulge your dogs in doing exercise with you. This can also be considered as playtime with your pet. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some exercises for pets.

Let’s start with a very simple form of exercise that your pet can even do at the home. Climbing stairs will be a great way for your dog to do some exercise. When they are small, help them to climb and come down the stairs. After some time, it will know how to go up and down. You can climb the stairs daily and should tell your dog to follow you.

Running is another form of exercise that is quite simple and is really good for dogs. Well, dogs love to run around the house so it will not take much effort to make them active and make them run after you.

Playing fetch with your dog is a good way to train your dog and play with him as well. It can be quite difficult at first. You should go with the rule of rewarding and ignoring while training your dog. When your dog does something good you should reward them with a treat and when they do something bad ignore them for a while. So, when your dog brings the ball back to you and hands it to you, you should reward them.

Some of the dog breeds are really good at swimming. You should take your puppy in the water and help them in learning to swim. Puppies love to play with water. This will be a great way to do some exercise with your pet and make them active than before.

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