A workout includes two crucial parts, cardiovascular exercises, and weight training. A person who is working out should do both in order to achieve the desired fitness level. Cardiovascular exercises are like for everyone and they don’t have any particular side effects. On the other hand, weight training is something you should be careful about. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some side effects of weight training.

If you are training with your own body weight, you are on a healthy track and should move on a regulated path of fitness. You should not rush into practices so that you can lift more and more weight as you see in the movies. Those weightlifters are trained and have adapted their bodies towards it. The simple rule behind doing weight training in the right way is to keep things slow and do the amount of exercise that your body is able to do comfortably.

At first, your body will experience a number of aches and cramps when you start weight training. This is something you will experience even if you start working out for the first time. That is quite normal and if you proceed in the right way, you will overcome it.

Once you are familiar with the techniques of weight lifting, you will find it easier to lift a weight. One problem with weight lifting is that if you don’t pay full attention to the technique or you get distracted even for a short while you may injure your joint and cause severe pain to your body. You need someone monitoring you and looking after you during these exercises.

If we talk about the impact of weight training on our body, we will see that our muscle mass increases and we are able to do many activities that we were not able to do in an easier way. Some people may even try to build bigger and bigger muscles which are not necessary for our opinion. Wanting more and more will exhaust your body and make it struggle more to achieve the goal.

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