Changing our eating habits isn’t easy but it is the key to successfully reaching our goals and optimising our health. Rubina often says that good nutrition is at the heart of good health and she knows that the best health outcomes are achieved through both dietary change and exercise.

Rubina offers nutrition consultation services specialising in; weight loss, weight management through long term dietary change, and reducing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Some nutrients are not sufficiently available in our diet and need to be taken separately. When your body is recovering from a disease, you may need multivitamins in order to stabilize and bring the growth back to the normal level. They can even help you in combating with the diseases since your body is weakened due to the diseases, suitable supplements may help your body to fight with the diseases. Despite the advantages, supplements have many disadvantages too.
Rubina is one of the best nutritionists who combines nutrition services with personal training.