People who are new to fitness and exercise may find it difficult to choose from the existing options. One such dilemma for them is to choose between HIIT and Strength training. Both of these training have their own pros and cons. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar helps you in choosing between HIIT and Strength training.

We will begin with the similarities of the two types of workouts. Both HIIT and Strength training will help you in burning fat, building muscles, increasing activity, and help you in shaping your body as well.

If your purpose is to build muscles, then Strength training may be the right option for you. HIIT works more on burning calories instead of building muscles.

Considering the point of the equipment needed in both the workouts, strength training needs a bench, barbell, and some dumbbells as well. On the other hand, HIIT workouts do not require any equipment. All the exercises are done using an individual’s own body weight.

The duration of the workouts differs as well. You can complete your HIIT workout in around 15 to 20 minutes. On the other hand, strength training will take around an hour to complete. So, if you are short on time you should go for a HIIT workout.

If the question is to choose one from both options, this can be quite difficult. You should choose both workouts and make a plan that involved doing both types in a week.

For example, you can do upper body strength training on Monday and lower body strength training on Wednesday. On the rest of the days, you can do the HIIT workout. On the weekends, you can rest. This is one sample way of working out with both of these. You may customize according to your needs.

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