Want to lose weight but not the delicious food in your life? We have got some great low-fat snacks for you. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar brings great additions to your healthy diet.

Snacks that have low-fat content are rich in other nutrients that will help you in losing weight.

There are even some foods that have so low calorie-content that they are considered negative. Some examples are watermelons, cucumbers, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cauliflowers, berries (all types), and radishes. It’s your choice to eat them individually or together in the form of salad.

Another snack which you would find very pleasing is popcorn. We are definitely not talking about the ones you get at cinema halls as they are loaded with oil and salt. Plain popcorn without oil and salt added to it would be great for your healthy diet. Eat-in a moderate amount.

Switch to low-fat chips from the normal potato chips you eat. Oatmeal is another great idea to eat as a snack and not just breakfast. They are available in various flavors. For a change, you can choose some flavor that is a bit spiced up.

Since you won’t be able to leave coffee completely, you can drink black coffee. Coffee without milk and sugar is beneficial for your health and has low-calorie content. Avoid cappuccino and latte for some time.

Tortilla chips along with tomato sauce are great snacks that are low on fat. Baked chips are always better than the fried ones. Whenever, you get the ice-cream craving, eat some yogurt. You can add cherries or strawberries to make it more like an ice-cream. You can make many more delicacies with yogurt. Check out some great recipes based on yogurt.

Ditch your favorite milkshakes with some real fruit juices. Milk with almonds and kiwi (sweet ones) is a great drink to substitute.

Missing the sandwiches and toasts? Grab a wholegrain sandwich. You can apply peanut butter and eat it. Apart from peanut butter you can also go for other kinds of butter but in a restricted amount.

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