There are times when we go through an accident and have to stay in that condition for a long time. We may find it difficult to sit idle and may want to do some kind of physical activity. You need to be precautious about the exercises you do. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some points you need to keep in mind while working out in an injury.

You can only think about working out in an injury only if your doctor approves it and this won’t elevate your problem. Choose the exercises that won’t cause a problem to the injured part of your body.

First of all, you need to figure out what the actual problem with your body is. It is possible that what you are facing is muscle soreness rather than an injury. You face this condition after you have worked out after a long time. The pain you face one or two days after working out is soreness which you may perceive as an injury. If it is the soreness you can choose the exercises accordingly.

Sit with your doctor and do a good analysis of the diagnosis and the progress of your problem. Discuss the workout you desire to do with the medical practitioner in order to be double sure about your workout.

Modify your workout according to the nature of your injury. There are some restrictions with every injury. For example, if you have an injury in your upper body, you should try to work out with your lower body. Avoid doing any exercise with your shoulders and arms. If you have an injury in your knees or your legs, you should refrain from doing any exercise with your legs. Opt for a workout with your upper body.

When you start working out, if you undergo pain and difficulty in doing the exercises, stop working out. It is not recommended to work under any kind of strain on your body. Give yourself sufficient time to recover.

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