Running has a number of benefits to our health. You can run instead of getting into a formal routine of working out. Running can be quite difficult for a person who has not been doing any physical exercise. It is difficult to get into the habit of running in the beginning. As time passes, one will get into the habit of running and will start deriving the benefits from running. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar suggests some ways of starting running as a beginner smoothly.

When we talk about starting running, there are many types of running. These types are road running, treadmill running, racing, trail running, and track running. You should know the motive of starting running before you proceed further.

If you have been going through a health issue for a long time, you shall consult your doctor before starting running. If you have any injuries, you should wait for the healing process. People with diabetes and hypertension should also consider talking to a doctor.

The next thing is that you should get a good pair of shoes as well. Find the right type of shoes for the purpose of running. Instead of going for the normal shoes, you should go to buy shoes specialized for running. Wear comfortable clothes that will help you in running.

Before starting running, you need to start walking first. Start with the minimum distance and increase it according to your own convenience. Once you get comfortable with walking for long distances, start jogging, and then ultimately start running. It will take time before you start running properly.

You should do a proper warm-up and cool down before and after running. Just like a workout, you should stretch and relax your muscles.

Another thing you need to be careful about is the foot strike. It is the way your foot strikes the road or the running ground. You need to be careful about it and do it in the right way if you want to run for a cause. The wrong footstrike will also lead to pain in your feet and legs. Try to keep it correct and a good posture as well.

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