With the changing lifestyle, the health and bodies of people are not the same they used to be in earlier times. One of the problems that are prevalent these days is weak bones. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar highlights some ways of increasing bone strength.

We have been listening to this since childhood from all our elders that we should eat a lot of vegetables to become stronger. It is true due to the presence of Vitamin C in most of the vegetables. Vitamin C is good for increasing bone density. Your bones would be as strong as the number of green leafy vegetables you eat. Brocolli, cabbage, and parsley are some of the best options.

Apart from a good diet, regular exercise is very important for building strong bones. Strength training is the best form of exercise to be done for building strong bones. Weight bearing exercises that can be really beneficial are Tai Chi, Yoga, and brisk walking. These exercises will not only strengthen your bones but may also protect you from a number of health problems.

Whenever we talk about bones, the word calcium comes to our mind quickly. This is because of the high amount of calcium present in the bones. To make your bones even stronger, we should eat foods that are rich in calcium. Some of the foods that are rich in calcium are cheese, yogurt, almonds, whey protein, seeds, and most importantly, milk.

Consuming adequate amount of proteins, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and foods with high magnesium and zinc.

Your weight is an important determinant of the health of your bones. So, you should have the right weight according to your height. If you have less weight than you should be having, the risk of osteoporosis increases and reduces bone density. Being overweight may lead to excessive pressure on the bones and increase the risk of fractures. Check out some ways to workout without using any equipment.

Rubina Ratnakar pays extra attention to health and wellness. Know more about the requirements of the body and consuming nutrients in the right amount.

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