Yoga & fitness are two words that are interrelated and very prevalent these days. Yoga is a way of exercising your body in the form of postures and is said to be a great way to stay fit. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar highlights the benefits of Yoga.

Yoga as an exercise was originated in India. It spread to the western world in the late nineteenth century. Yoga was derived from the word ‘Yoke’ which means to attach, join, harness and yoke. All the postures and exercises are based on these only. The various positions formed by an individual while doing Yoga are called Asana. Know more about various Asana and their corresponding purposes.

Most people these days prefer Yoga over working out at the gym and cardiovascular exercises. In Yoga, different Asana (poses) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) are present to achieve our health goal. Flexibility and improved breathing are the key features of Yoga. Yoga has many more benefits than you think.

Meditation is also an essential part of Yoga. Mental peace and health are improved by meditating. Meditation will rejuvenate your mood and bring peace to your mind. Yoga is considered better than the other exercises because it doesn’t involve any forceful or rapid movements. You can do Yoga anywhere you want to, as it does not need any equipment.

One of the essential features of Yoga is the flexibility of your muscles. All those people who think they are not flexible should start Yoga as your body will definitely become more flexible on stretching. Losing weight is another key benefit of doing Yoga. As you do more exercise, your muscle strength will improve and the fat will be released by your body gradually.

The posture of your body is an essential factor in determining your personality and how you carry yourself. Yoga is a great way to improve your posture and you will visibly see the changes in your sitting, standing, and walking. Yoga not only improves your posture but improves your confidence in yourself too.

Yoga is completely harmless and full of benefits.

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