Nowadays dieting is like fashion all across the globe. Everyone is taking up a diet of one kind or another but isn’t as easy as it sounds and looks. It is easier to choose a diet, but it is tough to stick to the diet. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar brings some useful tips that will help you in avoiding food temptation while dieting.

We all are familiar with the times when we drank a glass of water and feel full. So yes this is a simple and effective way to get rid of the sudden craving. Drink lots of water to eliminate the feeling of hunger.

We are more likely to feel hungry when we are stressed. Avoiding and Coping with stress is a way by which we can decrease the cravings. You can refer to our guide for coping with stress.

Chewing gum can be a great way of ditching the craving as the chewing will create a sense of eating something. You can try gums of various flavors of your choice and you can even look for sugar-free gums.

While deciding your diet and allocating the content of various nutrients, you should add lots of protein. The main purpose of dieting is to cut out carbs and fats and thus the requirements of the body are to be fulfilled by proteins. Consumption of proteins will help your body to stay active for a long time.

Try to stay away from the foods that make you feel hungry. If you see something and feel like eating it immediately, move away from the place. Go for a walk and distract yourself in whatever way possible.

Another way of staying away from the craving is to get good sleep. Sleep is a vital part of all the activities done by the human body.

To stay on your diet, ensure that you take your meals on time and eat properly. Whenever you are eating, make sure all your attention and mindfulness are towards eating. Eating mindfully is a great way to stay away from craving.

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