The lockdown has been emotionally draining for all of us. At some point or the other, everyone panicked and didn’t know what to do. Rubina Ratnakar talks about ways of handling anxiety in this blog.
Whenever you feel stressed or feel like anxiety is hitting you, just leave everything you are doing and sit quietly. Take long and deep breaths to relax. Cutting off contact from the cause of your anxiety is very important.
A very major reason behind being emotionally vulnerable is not getting enough sleep. So make sure your sleep cycle is not disturbed and is working well. You should sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours to maintain a healthy body.
You need to accept that everything that is happening around you is not under your control and sometimes you have to adjust to the changes. Always have a positive outlook on everything and react in a calm way.
Taking up recreational activities is another way of dealing with stress and anxiety yoga, meditation, working out, and many more activities are available and can be practiced. Since the main motive is to relax, you can also go for a long drive or have a good massage. Listening to good music is also a way to calm yourself.
We are what we eat! Our diet and our eating habits affect our behavior adversely. We should eat a balanced diet and never skip meals. Hunger can be another reason behind the anxiety. One more thing that is worth noting is that frequent consumption of alcohol and even caffeine can trigger stress and anxiety. So if you are addicted to any of them, reduce the intake and switch to a healthy diet as soon as possible.
Playing some mind games and ways like counting to 10 are some quick ways to relax. If you are still not able to handle anxiety., talk to someone about it and you should seek professional help if things go out of hand.
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