Most of us are aware of those sudden and very painful headaches, what we generally call migraines. Whenever we face a migraine, we need to quickly take some measures to get out of the situation. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar helps you in dealing with a migraine.

First of all, you should detect the cause of the headache. There must be something that is triggering that condition of your body. Once you know that cause, quickly cut yourself away from that cause. As we have heard from many people, intense lighting is one of the most found reasons behind a migraine. So if you are facing this problem, try to leave the place with the bright light. Turn off the lights or try resting in a dark room. This will cut off the increment in your problem.

Migraine can be a problem that you may be facing frequently. If you have been suffering from this for a long time, you should try doing meditation. Meditation has several benefits. Improved mental and physical health are the most important ones among them. Start meditating for half an hour every day and you will feel the difference. Yoga is another similar way to deal with the common problem of migraine.

Exercise is another way to deal with the problem. Exercise will not only strengthen your muscles and bones, it will calm your mind and enhance your thinking power.

If we would look at the reasons behind facing a migraine, one of the reasons would be lack of water intake or dehydration. So drink a lot of water and juices to stay hydrated. You can check our blog on ‘Best juices for our body‘ for some incredible ideas.

All of us have heard about acupressure and it is a great way to deal with a huge number of problems. It is all about putting a certain amount of pressure on a certain point. So you can try getting in touch with a specialist for your migraine too.

Apart from these, some ways for instant relief are heat and cold compression, massaging your head and neck, and smelling lavender.

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