Do you love to play around in water and exercise as well? Well, there’s an option by which you can enjoy in water and exercise at the same time. Water aerobics is a way of getting fit by doing exercise while your body is immersed in water. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar will give you more information on water aerobics and its benefits.

Water aerobics is similar to the exercise we do on land. The only component that is different is the submersion of our body in the water at the time of exercise. There are a variety of trends going on when we talk about water aerobics namely, aqua Zumba, water yoga, aqua aerobics, and aqua jog. The only difference and we can say the advantage it has over land aerobics is the resistance caused by water and the buoyant force. To overcome these natural forces, one has to apply a lot of strength to do the exercises.

Aerobics are generally based on cardiovascular exercises and lack the element of strength training. Aqua aerobics helps in increasing your strength when you apply all your energy to push the water away while doing the exercise.

We often feel lighter when we are in the pool or whenever we play around in the water at some amusement park. This feature helps to make water aerobics somewhat easier as it poses less stress on our joints and makes the body feel lighter.

We all are familiar with the force of gravity and its effect on our movements. When we are working out in the water, there is a much lesser amount of gravitational pull on us which enables smooth and easy movements.

Sweating and fatigue are two common effects we are going to experience irrespective of whatever workout we may choose. In water, there is less scope of your body getting overheated and you can workout for a longer time without feeling drained and hot.

In the end, apart from its health benefits, it would be a great fun activity to do with your friends and family.

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