If you are planning to start working out at home and stop going to the gym, you are at the right place. Some exercises can be easily done at home without any specific equipment. Even if you don’t want a proper workout, cardio exercises are always good for health and fitness and almost anyone can do them. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some cardio exercises you can do at home.

Let’s start with a very simple one. Take a skipping rope and start jumping. We have been doing this since we were kids. You can do jumping on one foot and on both feet alternatively.

Squats and jumps are another kind of exercise you can do at home. Make sure you do squats in the right posture. Do it in a number of sets and take a rest in between.

The next thing you can do in your cardio workout at home is climbing the stairs. If you want to level up your workout, you should try taking two steps at a time.

Mountain climbing is another exercise that does not require any equipment and would be a great option for your cardio workout. In this exercise, you stand in the position of doing pushups and start moving your leg one by one to reach the corresponding elbows. This looks just like climbing a mountain and is hence named so.

If you have a treadmill at home, it is great but if you don’t you can choose this exercise. Start jogging in place. Move your legs like you are jogging by bouncing and swinging your arms as well.

Arm circles backward and forward, are a great form of cardio exercise. This is one of the lighter exercises one can do at home.

The next exercise is jumping jacks. We all have been doing this in our schools as well. Another exercise of similar nature is clap jacks and rock stars.

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