Hiking is an activity preferred by many people these days. It is kind of challenging and adventurous. Everyone would have done or would like to do hiking once in their lives. If you are new to this concept, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Rubina Ratnakar lists important things to take for hiking.

First of all, you should be aware of the hiking gear required for hiking. A backpack is necessary if you are planning to go hiking. The backpack should neither be too heavy that it becomes difficult to carry nor too light that it doesn’t contain all the required material.

Coming to the clothing and footwear that is required for hiking, you need to consider the duration of your hiking. If you are going for one day, you may like to keep an extra pair of clothes in case of any situation you have to face. Some of the clothing that is necessary are quick-drying pants, a full-sleeved shirt, a lightweight jacket, boots or shoes, socks, moisture-resistant undergarments, and a pair of extra clothes. If the weather is rainy, you should take some rainwear, gloves, hats, and gaiters.

After packing all the wearables, we now come to the eatables and water. A water bottle is the most important thing to carry with you on a hike. Take your meals with you and also keep some easy-to-eat foods with you. Energy bars and drinks would be the right thing to take with you. If possible, you should take a water filtering system with you so that you can take water from the surroundings and drink it after filtering.

A map and a compass are very important when you go hiking, as there is a possibility that you can lose track. A compass will help you in moving in the right direction.

Take a first aid box with you, because cuts and bruises are normal when you go on hiking. Keep all the medicines that you eat generally with you. Keep painkillers with you in case you fall down or have a minor headache.

A sanitizer, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellant, toilet paper, face wipes, knife, small repair kit, flashlight, and binoculars are some other items to take with you.

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